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Digital communications that can lead to sex crime charges

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2023 | Sex Offenses |

Technology has taken center stage in many aspects of life, from smart home management to information access. In fact, with smartphones becoming more advanced every day, people keep a large portion of their daily activities and information stored in their phones. Despite the seeming disconnect between people using digital communication, anything transmitted digitally can leave you vulnerable to criminal charges.

Here are some digital communications that can become sex crimes.


Sexting has gained popularity in recent years as text communication becomes more popular than phone calls. A sexting conversation between you and your spouse, or you and another consenting adult, is legal and personal communication. However, if the other party in the conversation is a minor, you could face sex crime charges.

Unsolicited images

Dating apps are a popular way for people to meet, and some of these apps have a reputation as hook-up platforms. Despite that fact, you should never send unsolicited graphic images of yourself or anyone else, even on those apps. Unwanted images like that could be a sex crime, especially if a minor is on the other end of that account.

Revenge porn

Taking risque or revealing images is a personal decision, but some people choose to do so and share those images with their significant other. If you distribute those images out of spite after a breakup, you could face sex crime charges.

It is easy to dismiss the importance of data you transmit digitally but the law is catching up. You can face charges for transmissions like these.