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Attorney James W. Amberg

James W. Amberg

Practice Areas:

  • Felony Criminal Defense
  • Federal/State Appeals


Jim Amberg of Williams & Associates, is a prominent criminal defense attorney who takes winning cases very seriously. Rather than back down to the prosecution, Jim is known for taking the most difficult cases to trial and employing cutting edge legal strategy and defenses. Further, Jim consistently creates havoc with prosecutors by filing complex motions which have a high success rate of winning. In fact, there are many criminal defense lawyers in Michigan who use Jim's motions to win their cases. Bottom line, if you want an attorney who will actually fight for you rather than just tell you they fight right before they plead you guilty to a winnable case, call Jim.

Unlike many criminal defense attorneys who found their way into the profession through the prosecutor's office, Jim was born to practice criminal defense. As a young person, Jim would hear war stories from his father about his high-profile cases, including the Young Boys, Home Invaders, and the Oakland County Jail Suit. Growing up, Jim would work hand in hand with his father, learning the importance of having the courage to fight for what's right, no matter what the consequences are.

A good example of how Jim operates is to view his work fighting District Courts throughout Oakland County Michigan for sending Minors to jail in mip cases. Rather than allow his clients to be illegally incarcerated, Jim fought back and sued the judges to stop this illegal practice. Many lawyers and defendants alike have expressed their thanks to Jim that somebody finally had the courage to stand up for what is right. Although the case is still pending, a marked change throughout the county regarding these types of cases has already occurred.

A major component of Jim's success in criminal defense is his ability to passionately advocate for his clients, no matter how difficult a charge may be. Unlike many attorneys who take cases because they like the money, Jim takes cases because he cares about his clients and believes in his cases. In fact, Judges have complimented on Jim being not just an attorney, but a counselor as well. Watch these YouTube videos below of Jim performing an opening and closing argument in a difficult case:

Opening Statement

Closing Statement Part One

Closing Statement Part Two

Jim has been named a Rising Star by Superlawyers magazine numerous times and recently successfully argued the published case of United States vs. Presley in the United States 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. He is a frequent speaker at his former law school and was recently named a Great Grad. Jim was also a graduate of the introductory class of the Oakland County branch of Cooley Law School.

Jim practices throughout Michigan, including a full service firm location in Traverse City and is obtaining space for a location in Grand Rapids. Needless to say, Jim has the ability and experience to handle your case in any Court in Michigan.

Current Employment Position

  • Of Counsel