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The Importance Of Selecting The Right Attorney

Before deciding who should represent you, you need to ask any prospective lawyer what type of experience they have in similar cases. Prior experience with the charges that you are facing is vital. Some attorneys who are less versed in Michigan criminal law and the specific charges will advise clients to plead guilty and do the time, without performing the due diligence on possible defenses. There have been countless situations where our lawyers have been successful for clients who came to us after speaking to a less experienced attorney whose advice or inclination was to enter a guilty plea.

When you plead guilty, you establish a criminal record that can affect employment, housing and other aspects of life. You may be sentenced to jail, fines, probation, community service or mandatory treatment, and possibly lose your driving privileges. When you plead guilty, it is also “strike one” if you are ever arrested in the future for a similar offense, and the penalties are always much harsher for the second or third conviction. So a guilty plea should never be entered lightly. Your case may ultimately be resolved through a negotiation, but pleading guilty should be the last resort if you have a qualified trial attorney who is working the details of your case.

The Robust Defense You Deserve And The Information You Need

At Williams & Associates, we don’t shy away from any allegations. We have vigorously  — and successfully — defended people accuse of murder, criminal sexual conduct, robbery and other serious felony offenses. We also take lesser offenses seriously where another attorney might advise a client to simply “take a plea” and accept the punishment. At Williams & Associates, we fully understand the impact that any criminal charges can have on a person’s life, and we want to make sure every defendant gets the quality representation they need and deserve to protect their rights and best interests.

Whether you are an adult or a young person facing charges, we can help you understand the charges against you and understand your rights so that you can aid in your own defense by making informed decisions at each stage of the criminal justice process.

Experience Does Matter. Put Ours To Work For You.

Jesse Williams and the legal team at Williams & Associates have the credentials and a genuine concern about the charges you face and the potential consequences in your life. Reach out to our criminal defense lawyers to discuss your situation by calling our Traverse City law office at 231-735-8575 or use our online contact form.