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Taking Internet Sex Crime Charges Seriously

The advancement of the internet in the last twenty years has caused a rise in criminal charges related to its usage. From stings related to illegal pornography or other web-based operations, police have raised their awareness and enforcement of internet sex crimes. Because of this, entrapment is a real and valid concern. Failing to obtain appropriate legal assistance can be costly, as many convictions involving internet crimes lead to registering on the sex offender list and enduring harsh penalties and social scorn for life.

Types Of Internet Sex Crimes

The enforcement of internet sex crimes continues to rise as more and more of our activities are conducted online. From social media platforms to chat messaging, people are more easily connected today than ever before. Currently, the most charged types of internet sex crimes include allegations involving:

  • Internet solicitation
  • Internet solicitation of a minor
  • Internet prostitution
  • Child pornography possession
  • Child pornography manufacture
  • Child pornography distribution
  • Illegal use of pornographic materials
  • Lewd behavior
  • Illegal messaging (sexting)
  • Indecent exposure on video stream

These are just some of the potential charges that an individual can face relating to internet sex crimes. Criminal charges can be brought by both the state and federal government when internet sex crimes are alleged.

Child Pornography Charges In Michigan

Possessing child pornography in Michigan is a felony punishable by up to 4 years in prison, or a fine of $10,000. If the accused is aware that the person depicted in the material is under 18, they are subject to both a jail sentence and the maximum fine. In addition, those convicted may be required to register as sex offenders and face lasting damage to their reputation. Distribution of child pornography can result in even more serious charges – up to 7 years in prison and a $50,000 fine. Certain factors can raise the maximum in distribution charges to 15 years of jail time and a $75,000 fine. If found guilty of producing child pornography or enticing a child to participate, offenders face up to 25 years in prison and a maximum fine of $125,000.

Internet Solicitation

If you are charged with enticing a minor, offering prostitution services, or internet solicitation of a prostitute in Michigan, you could face jail time and/or fines. Law enforcement may use unethical tactics to lure citizens on fraudulent websites and chat rooms. To ensure that your constitutional rights are respected and upheld, seek the help of an experienced criminal defense team in Michigan.

Defenses Against Internet Sex Crime Charges

There are several defenses that may be available to you if you are charged with an internet sex crime. In cases such as solicitation and the enticing of a minor, it is important for the police to directly connect the accused to the conversation in question. Since these conversations are often done without video and are generally on text, it can be difficult to determine who was actually involved in the communications.

If the police violated your Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable searches and incriminating evidence was found, a motion to suppress that evidence can potentially be successful in removing that evidence from your case. This requires a motion to be filed and an evidentiary hearing to take place to convince the judge that your Constitutional rights were violated.

These are only a couple of potential defenses that might be available if you are facing an internet sex crime charge. The defenses in your case will be determined by the facts and circumstances of your situation. Make sure you have your case reviewed by an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

You Need An Attorney Who Has Handled These Cases

Internet sex offenses require a sophisticated defense. Your attorney must know the Michigan laws that apply to your case and how law enforcement operates to detect, intercept, investigate and arrest people for these crimes, including tactics to lure or entrap people into compromising situations.

Jesse Williams and the legal team at Williams & Associates will challenge the government’s case and vigorously assert and protect your constitutional rights at every stage of the legal process. You don’t need a lawyer to walk you to a plea deal; you need a lawyer who will exhaust every defense because of the high stakes.

Exercise Your Right To Talk To An Attorney

There is nothing you can say to police to talk your way out of internet sex crime charges. You can only make matters by answering questions without the advice of a lawyer. We provide a free initial consultation and you can contact us night or day. Call our Traverse City law firm at 231-735-8575 or contact us online.