Aggressively Protecting Your Rights In Criminal Defense Cases

Taking Internet Sex Crime Charges Seriously

With increasing access to technology, it is no surprise that many sex crimes are now being committed through the internet. While the law has been slower to catch up with a rapidly changing society, internet sex crime charges are often filed, leaving the accused in very serious situations.

At Williams & Associates, we understand how crucial it is to enlist an experienced and aggressive attorney when faced with internet sex crime accusations or other sex offense charges. Whether the case involves social media, file-sharing websites or applications, child pornography or direct contact with another person, our defense lawyers will examine all aspects of the case and determine the best way in which to proceed.

Recent Developments And Successes In Sex Crime Cases

To gather evidence in internet sex crime cases, law enforcement has implemented the use of a specific type of software called Torrential Downpour. This allows authorities to go after file-sharing applications and piece together allegedly explicit material that your computer might not be able to assemble. This information is then used to charge defendants, including teens and young people.

Since we understand how and when this software is used, we have had success in getting these cases dismissed. The prosecution will not turn over the protected software code and would rather dismiss a case than turn the information over. Our attorneys aggressively pursue dismissal and will enlist all appropriate experts to support our position when Torrential Downpour is used.

We Protect Clients Of All Ages

Perhaps the most vulnerable of our clients are teenagers and young adults who may find themselves facing serious sex crime charges because of a revealing or sexually explicit picture or video they shared on a social media website or with friends. Young people often don’t understand what their rights are or the life-long consequences they could face if they plead guilty in exchange for leniency.

Our team of experienced criminal defense attorneys make sure teenagers and young adults receive the same protection as an adult would. We make sure our clients – and their parents – feel like they have someone in their corner who is looking out for their best interests. We scrutinize evidence, confer with digital and legal experts, and take a careful look at the law to ensure the defense we build takes everything into consideration. Our lead attorney, Jesse Williams, is not afraid to call out prosecutors and judges in cases where the law was misinterpreted or the charges are disproportionate to the crime.

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