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In Michigan, the possession, distribution, and use of prescription drugs or controlled substances is illegal unless a valid prescription from a doctor has been obtained for their specific use. These types of drugs are strictly regulated by the government in terms of who can manufacture and possess them. Oxycodone is one example that must be filled only one time by a pharmacist unless a new prescription is written. Other examples include morphine, methadone, and opioids, among hundreds of different controlled substances.

Experienced Representation Prescription Pill Criminal Offenses

In Michigan, the use of prescription-only drugs is on the rise, resulting in stricter state and federal law enforcement measures against those who are found to possess, distribute, or use them illegally. To access these substances without a valid prescription, some individuals attempt “doctor shopping,” visiting multiple physicians with a reported medical condition in hopes of getting more prescriptions. The most commonly abused pain medications include Vicodin and Oxycodone, which can have illegal effects when taken in large dosages.

Examples Of Prescription Drug Crimes

The penalties for prescription pill possession in Michigan can be severe. Being caught in possession of or using a controlled or prescription drug like oxycodone or Vicodin could mean serious repercussions for you. A misdemeanor offense is less serious than a felony charge, but if you’re found guilty of using oxycodone, you could still be facing up to one year in jail and fines of up to $2,000. The same goes for illegal use of Vicodin – you may face incarceration and fines up to $1,000. However, the penalties are slightly less severe since Vicodin and other prescription pills are Schedule III drugs.

In Michigan, possession of Schedule I or Schedule II drugs may bring harsh consequences. If you are caught with less than 50g on you, the penalties can include a felony charge, up to 4 years in prison, a fine of up to $25,000 or both. Possessing between 50 and 450g could mean 20 years in jail and fines of up to $250,000 or both. For possession between 450g to 1kg, you may face 30 years imprisonment and fines of up to $500,000 or both. But if you are found with more than 1kg on your person, it could lead to a life sentence and fines up to $1 million or both.

Intent to deliver or manufacture Schedule I or II drugs under Michigan law may result in harsher punishments – if you are found with less than 50 grams, you could face 20 years in prison instead of 4 years for simple possession. In addition, prior criminal convictions and drug activity around parks, schools and other areas can also have an impact on the sentence handed down.

Consequences Of Conviction

Be aware that if you have been accused of a prescription pill offense, the consequences could be severe. Misdemeanor charges may be uncommon, but felony convictions can come with heavy fines and criminal penalty that put your professional licenses – from medical to teaching– in danger. Even after fulfilling your sentence or probation, having a criminal record can make it difficult for years to find work. Therefore, it’s important to stay mindful and informed about what you may face when dealing with prescription pill-related charges – there are numerous outcomes.

Legal Defenses To Prescription Pill Crimes

If you have been charged with a prescription pill-related offense, it is critical to examine all legal possibilities. Was the evidence against you obtained through lawful means? Did the police have a valid warrant and cause to search and seize? Additionally, look into any form of entrapment or undue influence that may have been used. Finally, did you have a legitimate prescription?

Even if it seems like there’s no hope, attempting to uncover viable defense strategies could allow for lesser charges or even dismissal of your case. But having the right legal team on your side can help identify any constitutional violations that can be argued before a jury. Be sure to carefully assess all options for the best possible outcome.

Other Resolutions

If you’re facing drug charges in Michigan, there is a way to avoid conviction. Through the Michigan Compiled Laws (MCL) 333.7411 deferral program, first-time offenders can receive a probationary sentence with terms requiring successful completion. This approach could result in dismissed proceedings and provide added benefits such as voiding liabilities like treatment programs and urine tests. It also means avoiding driver’s license suspension associated with criminal cases. Other alternatives like Holmes Youthful Trainee Act (HYTA) and prosecutor deferrals may also be available, it’s best to speak to a trained legal professional for more information.

Hire An Attorney With Experience In These Cases

You don’t want a lawyer who says sure I can handle it. You want a lawyer who says yes I have handled a case like yours. The attorneys of Williams & Associates have not only defended drug cases, we have gone to trial. This includes defending people accused of

Before choosing a lawyer to defend you in court, it’s essential to inquire about their previous success in cases like yours. Although there are some attorneys who lack experience in criminal matters, particularly when it comes to drug charges, and will suggest a guilty plea right away – there have been many instances where clients who consulted us after speaking to lesser experienced attorneys achieved favorable results.

At Williams & Associates, we don’t shy away from prescription pill cases because we fully understand the impact these types of charges can have on a person’s life, and we want to make sure every defendant gets the quality representation they need and deserve to protect their rights and best interests. Whether you are an adult or a young person facing charges, we can help you understand the charges against you and defend yourself.


If you or someone you love is facing an accusation of a prescription pill crime, then it is normal have a bunch of questions about what is happening and what to expect. Finding a website like this one can be a great resource, but it cannot take the place of experienced legal advice. If you have questions about your situation, then don’t hesitate to schedule a free initial consultation today. Contact us online or call our Traverse City office at 231-735-8575.