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Experience Defending Youths And Young Adults

It doesn’t have to be the crime of the century to have a major impact on a young person’s life. Even misdemeanor offenses can have a domino effect on their educational opportunities and employment prospects.

Jesse Williams and the skilled lawyers of Williams & Associates can make a difference. We have represented high school students, college students and other young people in Traverse City and northern Michigan. We have helped many underage clients avoid excessive punishment and salvage promising futures by aggressively working their case.

Criminal Defense For High School Students

One youthful mistake should not ruin one’s life, but that can be the reality for a minor accused of a crime. Criminal charges can lead to incarceration or expulsion from school. For an athlete or scholar, an arrest or conviction can make them ineligible for college scholarships, financial aid or certain careers.

We have defended high schoolers against a wide range of offenses, including:

We make every effort to keep youths in the juvenile justice system rather than being prosecuted as adults, but we have represented teenagers in both venues in courts throughout Michigan.

A success story: Williams & Associates was retained by a prominent local family whose teenager aspired to medical school. State police leaked information that could have derailed that dream. Jesse Williams’ multi-pronged defense included ordering transcripts, seeking to recuse a judge and filing other key motions. As a result of our efforts, that young client will still be able to become a physician, where they otherwise would have been barred from that career path.

Was Your College Student Accused Of A Crime?

First of all, we’re no longer in the juvenile system. In adult court, a young man or woman is subject to the full force of the law and the proceedings are public record. When at all possible, our lawyers intervene to avoid an arrest or to get the charges dismissed or downgraded. We do everything we can on the front end to mitigate the potential consequences, especially the possibility of jail or prison, a felony record or registering as a sex offender.

We have defended students of Northwestern Michigan College and college-age adults throughout northern Michigan against charges of drug possession, assaults, domestic violence, date rape, internet sex crimes, shoplifting, operating while intoxicated (OWI) and many other offenses. We understand that their continued college enrollment may be at stake, along with the fallout for their career aspirations and future employability. Our attorneys and staff mount a vigorous and strategic defense to avoid a conviction.

What Else Is Going On In That Young Person’s Life?

Increasingly, we represent youths and young adults who are pulled into the criminal justice system because of substance abuse and mental health struggles. Social isolation and the stress of online learning during the pandemic only magnified these problems, which in turn manifested in worsened addictions and destructive behaviors.

If your son or daughter is in trouble with the law, Williams & Associates routinely deals with these parallel issues. We connect with doctors, psychologists and family members to understand our client’s underlying adversities. We have incorporated mental health diagnoses and cycles of addiction and recovery into defenses at trial and mitigating arguments at sentencing. We can’t force the “the system” to provide needed services but we never allow a client to be punished for seeking help.

Your Son Or Daughter Is In Good Hands Here

We are capable trial lawyers and caring counselors who are fiercely protective of a young person’s future. No matter what the allegations, we will stand strong for their rights and work all the angles to get a favorable outcome.

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