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5 ways that an arrest in high school can haunt you later in life

On Behalf of | May 23, 2023 | Criminal Law |

Criminal charges can carry severe repercussions for high school students. Both teenagers and their families need to understand that an arrest could put their future goals in jeopardy.

Consider these potential long-term consequences of a criminal conviction.

1. College admissions

A criminal record could prompt a college to reject a high schooler’s application. In effect, teenagers may be unable to continue their education after high school.

2. Financial aid

If a person is able to gain admission to college despite a criminal record, it could bar access to financial aid. Without federal student aid, attending an undergraduate program might be infeasible.

3. Employment

After teenagers finish high school and are ready to enter the workforce full-time, getting a job with either a misdemeanor or felony conviction may prove to be difficult. Convictions can limit employment opportunities and restrict possible career paths.

4. Professional licensure

An arrest can be extremely problematic for high school students who aspire to a career in law, medicine or any other field that requires professional licensure. Apart from presenting educational barriers, convictions could compromise eligibility for a license to work in a variety of specialized fields.

5. Housing

A criminal record check is a standard component of the application process to rent an apartment. A conviction may preclude a professional property management company from approving an application for rental housing.

Ultimately, it is never safe to assume that the consequences of an arrest are likely to be insignificant merely because someone was still in high school at the time of an offense. It is important to take any type of criminal charges seriously and mount a strong legal defense.