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Traverse City Drunk Driving (DUI/OWI) Arrests Scrutinized After DataMaster Fraud Revelations

On January 13, 2020, the Michigan State Police (MSP) issued a “Statement on Temporarily Suspending Use of Datamaster DMT in Wake of Criminal Investigation into Contractor Malfeasance.” MSP’s statement asserted that…

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Unfairly Targeted? Medical Marijuana Grower Says Charlevoix Deputies Went Too Far Destroying $100,000 Crop

In what an attorney called “vigilante justice,” a Charlevoix narcotics team destroyed an estimated $100,000 worth of medical marijuana plants before a jury could decide on whether they were growing in a legal enclosure.

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Legal Battles Create Ongoing Drama For Medical Marijuana Growers

Medical marijuana grower Cecil Drost was able to drive off for a Florida vacation last week instead of going to jail, relieved that Charlevoix prosecutor John Jarema decided to drop all charges against him.

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Getting Tough On Grandma: Prosecutor Drags On Case Against Pepper-Sprayed Great-Grandmother

It sounds like a send-up from a David Letterman show: Why did the deputy pepper-spray a 79-year­-old great-grandmother?

Yet it isn’t a joke to either Elaine Vandenberg or to Frankfort Village police officer Jason Wolfe, who pepper-sprayed Vandenberg twice in the eyes and arrested her on a felony charge for resisting and obstructing a police officer.

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Judge Approves Two Witnesses For Morales Defense

The woman accused of killing her newborn baby in Benzie County last July was back in court Thursday afternoon. The attorney for Alyce Morales filed a motion asking the court to pay for two expert witnesses to testify in the case.

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