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Michigan Attorneys Defending The Right To Use Marijuana For Medical Reasons

In November 2008, voters approved the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act, which gives patients with chronic conditions the right to use marijuana as a medication. Since then, courts and law enforcement have been very inconsistent in applying the act, leaving citizens unsure about whether they are allowed to possess medical marijuana.

In fact, some sheriffs and prosecutors have made it a priority to arrest patients even if they have medical marijuana cards and have done everything they can to comply with the law. At Williams & Associates, we vigorously defend clients who use marijuana as medicine but have found themselves charged with a drug crime.

We are one of a handful of law firms in Michigan that has successfully handled these cases. One of our lawyers, Jesse Williams, has compiled all the court cases on the medical marijuana issue so far. He has spoken on panels and is known as a strong advocate for patients’ rights. With his knowledge and experience, our firm is equipped to protect your right to use medicinal marijuana.

Understanding The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act

Under the law, a patient who qualifies to use medical marijuana has the right to possess no more than 2.5 ounces of the drug for medicinal use. It’s very important to understand that under the law, “[a]ny incidental amount of seeds, stalks, and unusable roots shall also be allowed
under state law and shall not be included in this amount.” (Michigan Penal Code 333.26424 Sec. 4(a)) Some court decisions also suggest that a patient is allowed to possess as much marijuana as may be needed to ensure uninterrupted availability of the drug for treatment of his or her symptoms.

Patients who do not have a primary caregiver are allowed to grow up to 12 marijuana plants for their own consumption, as long as they are kept in an enclosed and locked home or facility. However, law enforcement has been known to investigate people for these small growing operations and make arrests for cultivation.

Get The Legal Help You Need

Because this is such an evolving area of law, it is always best to consult with an attorney before using or growing medical marijuana. If you have been wrongfully charged already, seek out Williams & Associates immediately. We will work hard to have the charges dismissed or at least reduced to a misdemeanor.

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