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Traverse City Attorneys Defending Against Marijuana Cultivation Charges

Have you been charged with illegal marijuana cultivation? Were you growing marijuana for medical purposes? Do you have questions about your specific criminal charges?

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Understanding Michigan’s Marijuana Laws

Michigan’s medical marijuana laws can muddy the water between marijuana cultivation for legitimate medical use and that intended for illegal use or distribution. Individuals under the age of 21 who are caught using or distributing marijuana for nonmedical purposes are subject to Michigan state penalties for growing marijuana, which is a felony crime.

Michigan has some of the most strict drug cultivation laws in the United States. Growing marijuana illegally can result in very severe penalties that include significant time in jail or prison and large fines. At our law firm, we thoroughly investigate marijuana cultivation charges to gain an understanding of the specific circumstances leading to your drug crime arrest. We seek the best possible outcome of your case after carefully considering your legal options.

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