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Spousal support, sometimes called alimony, is typically awarded as part of a divorce agreement in order to give a people the time and resources necessary to help them find their footing and to acquire the necessary skills to live independently. A number of different factors are used to help determine the amount and length of support payments, which is why it is important to have a skilled attorney on your side to help protect your interests throughout the divorce process.

At Amberg, Amberg & Williams, our Traverse City lawyers handle all issues related to spousal support. With more than 35 years of legal experience, we understand how to protect your interests as we work hard to help achieve the best possible outcome in your divorce case. Contact us online or call 231-735-8575, or toll free at 866-447-9209, to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

How Are Alimony Payments Determined?

Everyone's situation is unique which is why a wide variety of factors may be used to come to a determination regarding spousal support. Some of the things the court may consider include:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Age
  • Lifestyle
  • Earning potential
  • Ability of one spouse to pay
  • Sacrifices made to benefit the other spouse

The court can be very flexible when it comes to making a support determination. In rare cases, the court may even order permanent support. However, payments are usually set for a fixed amount of time and may even be modified if one of the parties experiences a substantial change in circumstances. Whether you are seeking support or are being requested to make payments, you can rest assured that we will serve as your staunch advocates to help ensure that your interests are protected.

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