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At the Northern Michigan law offices of Amberg, Amberg & Williams, we know a lot about the various legal aspects of divorce. For many years, we've shown families from all walks of life how to fashion a "no fault" divorce settlement that meets their unique personal needs, gives them closure and paves the way for a secure future.

In divorce-related matters such as spousal support, child custody and child support, we pledge the utmost in personal service, reliable advice and effective representation to resolve these important issues. Those traditions of our practice are extended during private negotiations or divorce litigation in a courtroom, if necessary.

Arrange your free initial consultation with us in Northern Michigan. Contact us online or call us at 866-447-9209 or 866-447-9209. Call today so we can discuss how we can help.

Advocating For Your Interests In Divorce Proceedings

Here are some examples of what a skilled attorney at Amberg, Amberg & Williams can do, as your advocate in a Northern Michigan divorce:

  • We know how to begin processing your divorce action and prepare for any unexpected developments in your case.
  • We know about the rules of different jurisdictions, and the particulars of legal and physical custody, if children are involved.
  • We know about parenting time, as it's referred to in Michigan, how to respond to a court's custody orders, and changes in those orders.
  • We can help you create child visitation agreements that serve the best interests of your children and you.
  • We know how to determine child support, and child care expenses and uncovered medical expenses.
  • We know about marital property, division of community property and alimony. We can help with issues as diverse as division of assets and debts, retirement property and assets, and transfer of property.
  • We know how to file and argue an appeal, if you feel one is needed, and how to argue for post-settlement modifications.

You can trust our Northern Michigan law offices' three-plus decades of experience in offering quality divorce case representation to everyone who seeks it. We've served people just like you across the state with sensitivity to your situation, intense preparation for each phase of our work and opened lines of communication.

Be in touch with our lawyers today if we can be of service. We welcome the opportunity to meet you and work with you.

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