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Criminal charges can ruin a person’s life or derail their future. Williams & Associates mounts a true criminal defense by digging into the facts and outworking anyone else. No matter how serious the allegations, you’ve got some of the best legal minds in Michigan fighting for you.

High-Caliber Criminal Defense In Traverse City And Beyond

We welcome serious felony charges with prison on the line. We take on the lesser crimes that could change the course of a young person’s life. Our firm regularly takes over cases that other lawyers deemed hopeless – and we have turned those cases around.

We’re not in the business of false hopes. But we are in the business of upholding constitutional rights and aggressively challenging the government’s case. At Williams & Associates, we will not entertain a plea deal before we have exhausted every defense. When the best interest of the client means going to trial, our accomplished litigators are up to the challenge.

Son Or Daughter In Legal Trouble?

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Attorney Jesse Williams

A History Of Successful Results


 Dangerous weapon with unlawful intent (domestic violence)


Possession of narcotic (cocaine)


Aggravated domestic violence


Larceny, 4th offense


Operating while intoxicated (OWI)


Criminal sexual conduct, 4th degree

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